Unlock the secrets to attracting and retaining top talent in the retail industry through innovative recruitment methods, employee development programs, and a supportive workplace culture.

How retailers can attract and retain top talent

Discover essential tips and strategies to ensure operational efficiency and productivity even with a reduced workforce.

Keeping your business running smoothly with a skeleton team

For many bars, uniforms are a staple – a way to project a professional image and create a sense of team spirit. But are uniforms really the best way to dress your bar staff? Let's explore both sides of the cocktail shaker.

Should bar staff wear a uniform?

Calling all cafes, restaurants, and tea shops! Did you know that 21st April is National Tea Day… and it’s a steaming cup of opportunity to attract new customers and delight your existing ones.

How cafés can brew up success on National Tea Day

Pubs are the cornerstone of many communities: a place to unwind, socialise, and enjoy a good drink. But in a competitive market, and especially during a cost of living crisis, attracting new customers and keeping the regulars happy can be a challenge.

Five strategies to attract customers to your pub

Flexible working refers to arrangements that offer employees greater flexibility in when, where, and how they work. It enables a better work-life balance, improves employee satisfaction, and boosts productivity.

An Update on Flexible Working in the UK

The DuPont 12-hour rotating plan is a shift rotation system designed to maximise efficiency and productivity in industries by utilising 12-hour shifts alternating between day and night schedules. This approach offers benefits such as continuous operations, reduced overtime costs, improved work-life balance for employees, and predictable schedules for better planning.

Optimising Efficiency and Productivity with the DuPont 12-Hour Rotating Plan

Employee onboarding is vital for integrating new hires into the company culture, clarifying expectations, and equipping them with the tools to succeed. Effective onboarding fosters engagement, accelerates productivity, and promotes long-term retention, laying a strong foundation for organisational success.

The Crucial Role of Employee Onboarding in Building a Strong Foundation

To ensure employee happiness with a good rota, prioritise fairness, flexibility, and communication. Provide transparent scheduling, accommodate personal needs, and actively seek employee input.

Keeping your employees happy with AceRota

Cost-saving strategies for the hospitality industry facing rising costs and budget-conscious customers. It covers reducing food waste with creative leftover menus and portion control, along with composting for fertiliser. Procurement tips include buying "wonky" produce and negotiating with suppliers. Energy-saving methods include maximising natural light, and using energy-efficient appliances. Technology like scheduling and inventory management software is recommended. Building a loyal team can be achieved through cross-training, flexible work options, and staff discounts.

Cost-cutting strategies for the hospitality industry during the cost-of-living crisis

Businesses need AceRota for streamlined scheduling, optimised staffing, and improved efficiency in workforce management.

Why businesses need a rota software like AceRota

A new bill making it illegal for employers to withhold tips from staff, and addressing the fair distribution of tips in the hospitality industry, has received Royal Assent. The new law is expected to benefit up to 2 million UK workers, and is likely to come into force in 2024. As an employer, you will need to ensure your business is compliant - or risk a fine.

New law on tipping to come into force

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