Five strategies to attract customers to your pub

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Pubs are the cornerstone of many communities: a place to unwind, socialise, and enjoy a good drink. But in a competitive market, and especially during a cost of living crisis, attracting new customers and keeping the regulars happy can be a challenge. We’ve come up with five things to keep in mind - and some top trips - to ensure your pub will thrive.

Ambiance is king

Ensure your pub is clean, comfortable, and welcoming. Play upbeat music during peak hours, and transition seamlessly to a relaxed vibe later on. Consider themed nights, trivia Tuesdays or live music, to inject excitement and draw in new crowds. Make the most of any outdoor space – string lights, blankets for chilly evenings, and regular BBQs in summer all help to create a vibrant atmosphere.

AceRota - Five strategies to attract customers to your pub

Become a foodie destination

Ditch the tired bar snacks. Instead, offer a menu that marries pub classics with creative dishes, catering to dietary restrictions with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Weekly specials like "Burger Mondays" or "Fish and Chip Fridays'' are a fantastic way to attract customers seeking good food at a reasonable price. Highlight locally-sourced ingredients to showcase freshness and connect with the community.

Embrace the power of social media and the web

Become a social media pro! Post mouthwatering food photos, exciting event announcements, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to keep your audience engaged. Advertise competitions and promotions to draw in new customers. Respond to comments and messages promptly, and use polls and questions to foster a sense of community online. Make sure your pub has a stylish user-friendly website, too.

Reviews matter

Positive reviews are gold! Encourage satisfied customers to leave feedback and tell their friends about their experience. Respond to all reviews, thanking positive ones and addressing negative ones professionally. Show your customers you value their feedback.

Community is key

Become a pillar of your community. Sponsor local events, partner with local businesses for cross-promotion, or host gatherings like book clubs or open mic nights. By engaging the community, you build a loyal following and establish your pub as a welcoming social hub.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your pub from an empty vessel to a vibrant space that attracts new customers, keeps the regulars happy, and ensures the sound of laughter and clinking glasses. Remember, it's all about creating an experience that keeps people coming back for more!

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