Keeping your business running smoothly with a skeleton team

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  • By Louise

With staffing challenges a common hurdle, many businesses are finding success operating with a more focused crew. While it might seem daunting, these tips can help you navigate this situation - and help ensure your business thrives.

Boost your team's superpowers

Equip your team with diverse skills through cross-training. This creates scheduling flexibility, especially when resources are limited. A versatile team is not just efficient, but also allows team members to foster a deeper understanding of everyone's role, leading to natural support during busy periods.

AceRota - Keeping your business running smoothly with a skeleton team

Invest in your team's future

High employee turnover is a challenge many businesses face. But what about your existing team? By creating and emphasising opportunities for advancement within the company, and outlining clear career paths, you incentivise your team to stay. This saves you time and money on recruitment, while also building a team with invaluable experience specific to your business.

Managing customer expectations

While providing exceptional customer service is always a priority, with a smaller team, response times might be slightly longer. It’s important to be transparent with your customers about this: by keeping them informed, you'll increase their understanding, trust and patience.

Technology is your secret weapon

Technology can be a lifesaver when staffing is low. Consider solutions that:

By prioritising these strategies, you can not only weather the challenge of a smaller team, but also build a more adaptable and efficient business for the future.

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