Keeping your employees happy with AceRota

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  • By Louise

Employees are the backbone of any business, but it’s easy for their needs to go unnoticed. This can lead to dissatisfaction, low morale, and even high staff-turnover - with all the costs and inconvenience that brings.

Below, we’ve put together a list of things that good employers can do to ensure their staff feel appreciated - and suggested a few ways AceRota can help.

AceRota - Keeping your employees happy with AceRota

Prioritise good communication

Employees don't want to be the last to know about important changes at work, whether it be a new company policy or an upcoming event. Why not use AceRota to update your staff on everything from training opportunities to shift changes - thus keeping everyone in the loop.

Last minute changes to the rota

Remember, your employees have lives outside of work, too. Last-minute schedule changes can wreak havoc on people’s personal commitments and lead to staff dissatisfaction. Ideally, rotas should be finalised well in advance, but where last minute adjustments are necessary, AceRota will allow you to update employees in a flash.

Eliminate payroll blunders

It goes without saying that ensuring staff get paid correctly is essential for keeping your team onside. Payroll errors, such as too many or too few hours, missing holiday pay, or forgetting overtime, are a surefire way to demotivate your staff. With AceRota you can share employees’ timesheets directly with your payroll partner to ensure payday mistakes are a thing of the past.

Be a flexible employer

A significant portion of employees would like flexible work arrangements - whether it’s working at home one day a week, or being able to adjust their shift patterns to fit with childcare arrangements. With AceRota, you can build and publish your rota in no time at all - making it much easier for you to accommodate your employees’ needs, and demonstrating that you value their time outside of work.

By keeping these simple strategies in mind, you can create a happier, more engaged workforce. Happy employees lead to happy customers, which is the recipe for a thriving business.

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