AceRota - Features

The following features in AceRota save time and reduce costs. AceRota is paperless, so you won't lose any important information. And because it's one central system, it's easier and faster to search for what you need.

Rotas and shifts

Plan your rotas super quickly and easily with AceRota. The rota builder is user-friendly, guiding you through the creation of your rota. For example, it will tell you who on your team is available to work. Straight after publishing a new rota, the relevant employees get a notification and can see their new shifts.

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Time and attendance

AceRota provides several solutions for your staff to clock in and clock out. Timesheets are generated automatically every time a member of your staff clocks in or out. And AceRota prepares everything that is needed for payroll as quick as a flash.

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Human Resources (HR)

All information about your staff is in one place. Holiday and absence management is made easy with AceRota.

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Security and permissions

Nobody outside your organisation can access your data. Only you and your employees have access to your AceRota business account, and you decide who can do what. Third parties, such as accountants, can't access your AceRota account at all: it's you who decide what to share with them.

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Mobile and Desktop

Available for all major mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, MacOS, Windows.