Rotas and shifts


Plan your rotas super quickly and easily with AceRota. The rota builder is user-friendly, guiding you through the creation of your rota. For example, it will tell you who on your team is available to work. Straight after publishing a new rota, the relevant employees get a notification and can see their new shifts.

AceRota - Rotas and shifts

The rota builder has many tools to allow you to generate your rota in the fastest possble time:

Everything in one place

AceRota is efficient because everything you need to plan your rotas is available in the rota builder. The rota builder will help you schedule your employees' shifts and will tell you:

Unexpected changes

If a team member is unavailable to work at the last minute, the rota builder will help you to find cover. You can also send a request via the rota builder, so another colleague can pick up the shift. The rota will be automatically updated, and you'll get a notification as well. You can set rules about who can cover which shift.


With AceRota, staff and management are kept fully up to date. Your staff get notifications about rota changes or new shifts; you get notified when employees are off-sick, and you approve or reject holidays requested by your staff.

There's also an option to allow your team to swap their shifts around. AceRota keeps you fully updated and notified of any changes.

Sharing doesn't mean everybody can see everything, of course. You decide who can see what. For example, a manager will be able to plan rotas for their team, whilst team members with low rights access can clock in/out or book time off.

Cost under control

The rota builder provides a clear view of labour costs.

Mobile and Desktop

Available for all major mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, MacOS, Windows.