Time and attendance

Clocking in and out

You decide who has to clock in and out - and whether they use their phone or an onsite clocking station to do so. As always, with AceRota, you're the one in control of everything.

As soon as somebody clocks in or out, your app will be updated. Bye-bye paper - hello AceRota!


Your staff can clock in/out with their phones. The app is user-friendly and notifies them when a shift is about to start, or if they're running late. An option to enable/disable notifications is also available.

As soon as someone clocks in or out, you will be notified.

AceRota - Time and attendance

Clocking station

We recommend using phones to clock in and out, as staff will also use the app on their phone to book time off. However, you can also opt for an on-site clocking station. AceRota is available for iPads, Android tablets or latops, and these devices can be used as the clocking stations.

The AceRota clocking station app provides face recognition and PiN authentication. You can use as many stations as you like - with no change to the cost of your AceRota subscription.


The aim of clocking in and out of shifts is to provide accurate timesheets. It's all done automatically and will save you lots of time.

AceRota will identify lateness - whatever the number of employees in your company. AceRota will also allow you to know the actual total number of hours worked, compared to the number planned in the rota.


AceRota prepares everything required for payroll in a flash. The payroll report is generated using all the necessary data from timesheets, and taking into account employees' paid and unpaid leave.

AceRota integrates with your accountant's system. So it can send an email or push (send) data to their software. As always with AcRota, you are in control and decide what data is sent across.

You can access all reports at any time. You and your accountant can easily identify overtime, paid leave and holidays.

Important: nobody outside your organisation can access your data. It's always AceRota that pushes (sends) relevant data to third parties - third parties can't access your AceRota account and data without your permission. You can read more about security and permissions.

Mobile and Desktop

Available for all major mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Works on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, MacOS, Windows.