• Also known as:
  • Employee absence,
  • Staff absence,
  • Unauthorized absence

An absence refers to any instance where an employee is not available to work during their scheduled working hours.
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Bank Holiday

A bank holiday is a national public holiday.
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Bradford Factor

  • Also known as:
  • Bradford Formula,
  • Bradford Index,
  • Bradford Scale,
  • Bradford Score

The Bradford Factor is a human resources (HR) tool to measure employee absence as a score. The rule posits that short, frequent, and unplanned absences have a bigger impact on a business than longer absences.
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Clock in

The term "clock in" means to begin work, especially by recording the time of arrival at work on a special machine or using software like AceRota.
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Clock out

The term "clock out" means to leave work, especially by recording the time of departure from work on a special machine or using software like AceRota.
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  • Also known as:
  • Flexible working hours

Flexitime, also known as flexible working hours, allows employees to choose their own start and end times within a predefined range. It offers flexibility for employees to better balance work and personal commitments, while still meeting core hour requirements.
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Graveyard shift

  • Also known as:
  • Night shift,
  • Third shift

Graveyard shift, night shift, or third shift means a shift of work running through the early hours of the morning, especially shifts starting around midnight.
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Holiday is a period of time spent away from work.
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  • Also known as:
  • HTTP over TLS,
  • HTTP over SSL

HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.
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Leave and absence are closely related but not exactly the same in the HR context.
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PAYE, or Pay As You Earn, is a tax system where employers deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from employees' wages or salaries before paying them, ensuring regular tax collection throughout the year.
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  • Also known as:
  • Payroll process,
  • Payroll system

Payroll is the total amount of wages paid by a company to their employees for a set period and on a given date. A payroll system calculates employee salaries and taxes, tracks hours worked, and distributes payments through direct deposit or by cheque.
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Public Holiday

The terms 'bank holiday' and 'public holiday' are often used interchangeably, but there can be some subtle differences depending on the context.
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  • Also known as:
  • Schedule,
  • Roster,
  • Shift plan

The rota, roster or shift plan is the central component of a shift schedule in shift work.
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  • Also known as:
  • Employee absence,
  • Staff absence,
  • Unauthorized absence

A shift refers to a specific period of time within a workday or workweek that a group of employees is assigned to work.
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Shift Patterns

Shift patterns dictate the schedules in which employees work, often revolving around rotating, fixed, or flexible shifts. These patterns ensure continuous coverage and operational efficiency, tailored to meet the needs of various industries and workforce preferences.
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Timesheets are used to keep track of the hours employees work to calculate their pay.
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