Bradford Factor

  • HR
  • Also known as:
  • Bradford Formula,
  • Bradford Index,
  • Bradford Scale,
  • Bradford Score


The Bradford Factor is a method used in Human Resources (HR) to measure employee absenteeism. It focuses on the frequency and pattern of absences rather than just the total duration.

   B = S² x D

   B = the Bradford Factor
   S = the total number of spells of unrelated absence periods over a set period of time
   D = the total number of days absent over the same set period

Uses of the Bradford Factor

Limitations of the Bradford Factor


The Bradford score for an employee having 10 days of absence, with differing number of instances, would be:

We can see that 10 absences of 1 day result in a higher Bradford Factor than 1 absence of 10 days.


The Bradford Factor is a simple tool for HR to assess employee absenteeism patterns and identify potential risks. However, it should be used in conjunction with other factors and a holistic approach to attendance management, considering the reasons behind absences and working towards solutions.

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