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  • Flexible working hours

Flexitime, also known as flexible working hours, is a work arrangement that allows employees to choose their own start and end times within a predefined range of hours. Instead of adhering to a fixed schedule, employees have the flexibility to adjust their work hours to better suit their personal needs, responsibilities, and preferences.

In a flexitime arrangement, employees are typically required to work a certain number of core hours each day or week, during which they must be present at work. Beyond the core hours, employees have the freedom to arrive earlier or later and leave earlier or later, as long as they fulfill their required hours and meet any deadlines or commitments.

Flexitime arrangements offer several benefits to both employees and employers. Employees enjoy greater work-life balance, as they can better accommodate personal appointments, childcare responsibilities, and other commitments. Employers benefit from increased employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention, as well as improved morale and motivation.

Overall, flexitime provides a flexible and adaptable approach to work scheduling, allowing employees to achieve a better balance between their professional and personal lives.

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